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KIU Ghizer Campus:

The Ghizer Campus of Karakoram International University is established in 2018 under the HEC’s vison 2025 to provide access to high education at district level. In addition, The establishment of Ghizer Campus is approved according to section 4(1) of the revised University order 2008, which declares KIU as a multi-campus university with its principles seat at Gilgit.

The academic programs at Ghizer Campus are planned on the basis of fundamental principles of access, quality, relevance and sustainability of high education programs.

The main focus of the campus is to provide quality higher education to the students of far flung and remotely scattered valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. The foreseeable outcomes include: Seeking/ Designing sustainable development of the region, training of human capital to cater for the market needs and prepare the indigenous human resource to take up future responsibilities. The holistic image of Ghizer Campus portrays a positive landscape of the region that shall be based on knowledge orientations and valuing the intellectual pluralistic norms.