Admission interviews for Fall 2020

Alhamdulillah, Admission interviews for Fall 2020 intake in three existing departments of KIU Ghizer Campus successfully conducted in three cohorts during 28-30 September 2020. While conducting admission interviews, all precautionary measurements for COVID-19 pandemics devised by KIU/HEC/Government of Pakistan have strictly been taken/ followed for safety of all. Approximately 110 applicants have secured their admissions in 5 degree programs of existing three departments.

Interview Schedule for new Admissions

1. Department of Biological Science

Date: 28-09-2020
Time: 10:00AM
Venue: Conference Hall KIU Ghizer Campus

2. Department of Educational Development

Date: 29-09-2020
Time: 10:00AM
Venue: Conference Hall KIU Ghizer Campus

3. Department of Management Science

Date: 30-09-2020
Time: 10:00AM
Venue: Conference Hall KIU Ghizer Campus

Note: KIU Ghizer campus Bus pick the Students form KIU Chowk (HBL Bank) Gahkuch at 09:30 AM. Please reached on time.

KIU Ghizer Campus Safety Protocals

Guidelines for Being on Campus

The following safety protocols are also referred as “KIU Safety SOPs or KIU Safety Regime”, which shall be applicable to all students, staff and visitors with a complete adherence to comply with these guidelines:

  1. All KIU students, faculty, staff and visitors to be screened at main entrance gate through digital thermometers. In case of higher temperature (i.e. 100 F), it shall be mandatory for the person to seek advisory note from KIU health office before any campus engagements.
  2. All KIU faculty, staff and staff is advised to wash their hands at nearest washrooms located to his / her office before starting routine office work. And the visitors shall wash their hands at washing point located at entrance gate or at their respective departmental Restrooms.
  3. Every person is required to enter campus with MASKS properly covering the face, and ensure wearing masks during office hours. No employee shall be allowed without wearing mask at the Campus. The University will have the authority to remove any student/employee from Campus premises, failing to comply with the SOPs
  4. Biometric attendance protocol is suspended till further orders, and all the departmental/ section heads to ensure attendance of their staff through manual procedures.
  5. For Safety of every person,” NO HANDSHAKE POLICY/NO HUGS” is being implemented.
  6. Every person on campus must follow the policy of “Physically distancing” at the work environment, and follow protocol of remain at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  7. It is desirable to keep the office doors open to avoid any frequent hand contact with door handles.
  8. All forms of large congregations and gatherings on-campus are suspended
  9. Avoid face-to-face in person meetings, only urgent unavoidable meeting is allowed to meet and maintain at least 6 feet distance space with provision of proper air ventilation at meeting space. 
  10. All faculty and staff to plan stagger breaks and meal times to ensure physical distancing during breaks. This shall be managed by concerned Head of Department/Section.
  11. Faculty/Staff with any symptom of illness or susceptibility to disease will be allowed to work from home. Such cases are required to submit proof of illness/ treatment to his/her concerned Section head or reporting authority.

All Departmental/ Section heads must orient their staff/Students with these guidelines for its proper implementation and effective care of staff.

Reopening of KIU Ghizer Campus for Students

1. In line decision of Federal Government and HEC, KIU Ghizer campus shall open phase-wise from 12 Sep, 2020.

2. Students and staff at campus shall strictly follow the KIU Safety SoPs of using mask and ensuring physical distancing. Further details on KIU Safety Protocols are given at link. In case of violation, strict disciplinary action shall be taken. 

3. Students arriving at University and hostels shall provide an undertaking before or at time of arrival as per approved template. Template is available at “Student Return Package” for access and print. 

4. All students shall resume exam preps and take final term exams in two (2) Cohorts. Each Cohort has divided into faculty wise groups. Only students of prescribed faculties and departments shall be allowed during a particular timeslot.

Time Period: 12 September – 17September 2020
Department of Biological Sciences
Time Period: 19 September – 24 September 2020
Department of Business Management and Department of Educational Development

We expect due support from students, their parents, staff and everyone at the campus for assisting us.   

5. Students and staff shall use specified gates for entry and exits. They will be checked for temperature and symptoms of COVID-19. In case of any fever or symptoms, the concerned shall not be allowed at campus and shall be advised for quarantine at home.

6. The arrival and stay of students at hostel shall be in line with Cohort-1 and cohort-2 and compliance of additional instructions for them during their stay at hostel, entry/exit shall be provided during hostel orientation.

7. All these precautionary measures are being taken to make sure that together we can avoid any risk of COVID-19 infection, through better planning, implementation and cooperation. We need support from all to make KIU a safe place to study, work and live.

Awareness Session for Admissions at KIU

Under the directives of worthy Deputy Commissioner/ District Magistrate District Ghizer Tariq Ahmed, The Tehsildar Ishkoman in collaboration with Inter College Chatorkhand arranged an awareness session for Admissions at KIU Ghizer Campus. The student, staff, faculty and Notables from the tehsil Ishkoman participated in the session. Dr. Memona Nilofar, Director KIU Ghizer Campus along with her team participated in the session. On her speech, she emphasized on the importance of Higher Education and skillful education and role of KIU for imparting quality education for the youth of District Ghizer at door steps. In concluding remarks, the Campus Director also highlighted the imported role played by District Administration for the development of KIU Ghizer Campus since the inception of KIU Ghizer Campus which shows positive contribution of District Administration towards KIU Ghizer Camus. At the end, she appreciated the efforts of the organizers to spread the awareness about KIU Ghizer Campus Admissions Campaign and organizing a successful event

Land Acquisition

A meeting regarding land acquisition for KIU Ghizer Campus was held at PWD Rest House Gahkuch. Notables, Renowned personalities such as educationist, journalist, Village Leaders, Rep of LSO/Peace Committee attended the meeting. During the meeting the issue was deliberated and After detail deliberation following have been decided:-
1. The issue will be raised by local community and arrange a meeting of all stake holders including current sitting ministers/advisori from district ghizers and decide how they can acquire land for KIU Ghizer Campus.
2. Further a committee will be constituted having rep from all stakeholders to meet with Director Colleges, Secretary Education, Chief secretary and CM GB for the purpose. However, KIU/KIU Ghizer Campus will provide assistance, if they required.

Campus Website Inauguration

The VC Karakorum International University Gilgit Baltistan Engr. Prof. Dr. Attullah Shah has officially inaugurated the KIU Ghizer Campus and International conference website online today simultaneously. The online ceremony were joined by the VC from Liaison office Islamabad along with Dr. Ifzal, Mr. Ilyas and Mr. Rehmat Karim. From main campus Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Dr. Hameed lone, Mr. Nabi Ullah, Mr. Mehboob Hussain, Mr. Ashraf and Mr. Nazaqat joined the ceremony and from Ghizer Campus Dr. Sabit Rahim along with his team.

The VC, Dr. Khalil Ahamd and Dr. Hameed lone appreciated the efforts of KIU Ghizer Campus Team.

The VC and other respected participants suggested improvements to the website. Campus Director Dr. Sabit Rahim thanks to all the respected participants and assured firm commitment to strength the KIU Ghizer Campus as per laid-down vision of KIU.