Programs at Educational Development

Programs Being Offered at Department of Educational Development Ghizer Campus

1.            B. Ed (Hons.) Elementary 4-years

2.            MA Education 2-years   

Objectives of B. Ed. Honor (Elementary) Program

The objectives of B. Ed. Honor (Elementary) Program are to:

1.            Prepare professionally competent teachers to teach at elementary school level.

2.            Equip prospective teachers with knowledge, dispositions and performance skills necessary for teaching.

3.            Enhance professional skills of prospective teachers by providing them with sufficient hands- on experience in schools.

4.            Develop skills to assess students’ learning accurately and scaffold learning by students.

5.            Develop language proficiency to be able to teach and develop his/her professional competence.

6.            Enable teachers to plan instructional strategies, develop learning environments and understand learning processes.

Objectives of MA Education Program

The objectives of MA Education Program are to:

1.      Have acquired, skills and positive attitudes of a professional teacher.

2.      Effectively manage resources management at their disposal i.e. people, finances, time according to established rules.

3.      Carry out research on issues arising from their educational practice

4.      Apply the acquired knowledge skills and attitudes to influence education policy, programs and general development of education institutions.

5.      Contribute positively to the larger issues of education policy and practice.