ICT Section

Karakoram International University Ghizer Campus is the first public university in the field of ICT in District Ghizer. ICT Section is responsible to manage all the activities of the overall Vidmate ICT Infrastructure i.e. Network Development, Expansion and Maintenance, providing Maintenance/ Troubleshooting services (Network, Hardware and Software) to all departments, Website Design and Development and Security Surveillance System.

This ICT Section is working for the growth and smooth progress for the evolution of new ICT Developments and its maintenance in the University Campus.

Information and Communication Technology Section Catalogue

This service provides support and maintenance of all network communication infrastructure required to sustain  the IT activities within University premises. Network infrastructure plays an increasingly central role in enabling the high levels of agility you need to respond quickly to educational opportunities and challenges.

Web Site Development/Maintenance/Updation
ICT Section has been involved in all stages of the development of web sites – right from planning, design, quality control, launching to online promotion and monitoring. A fully dynamic website for the University is currently online. ICT Section is updating Merit lists, Date sheets, Admission Notices, Course Outlines, Faculty Data, Lectures, Publications, University Press Releases and jobs notices provided by different departments.

This service provides the ability for staff to communicate electronically via email.You can use KIU Webmail facility from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

Security Surveillance System
Security Surveillance system are deployed in Academic Block, Administration Block, Faculty Block and Hostel to monitor cameras for security purposes. It is available 24/7.

Team Members