Educational Development


The Teaching profession is considered the backbone of the educational system of a country. The Department of Educational Development at the Karakoram International University pioneered in providing advanced level teacher training programs in Gilgit Baltistan. The Department of Educational Development KIU has been evolving and growing according to the social and technological changes in the society in general, and the educational environment in particular. It offers training programs for prospective teachers from the Bachelor to the M.Phil level.


Transformation of Pr-Service Teacher Education; Keeping in view the Indigenous and Global Needs to Produce Effective Prospective Teachers (General and Special Education) Educationist Professionals and Researcher for National and Global Market.


To Achieve Excellence in the Field of Teacher Education through Empowering Prospective and In-Service Teachers and Developing their Competencies in the Areas of Content, Pedagogy, and Research in the Field of General and Special Education.