Director Message

Dr. Memoona Nilofar
Director KIU Ghizer Campus

Karakoram International University is one of the new breeds of global universities!

I’m honored and greatly privileged to lead KIU, Ghizer campus as the Director. Although, we have no strong global linkages and world-class researches but I have strong faith and full determination to ensure the university’s performance efficiently in all dimensions. In this reagard, KIU Ghizer Campus strongly believes that education is the only catalyst for positive change and the cornerstone for building strong, resilient and enduring communities.

Inshallah, my transition will play a vital role in achieving University’s objectives, that is to help students to transform their lives through education and to equip students with the skills to address local, national and global challenges. I hope that the faculty will join me in transforming the KIU Ghizer Campus to achieve its full potential as a vibrant and diverse academic institute and strive to prepare students to become better citizens of our country, irrespective of their cultural and financial background and contribute in the welfare of society and country’s development rather than balkanizing themselves into groups. Moreover, I desire to help students to conduct as a responsible member of the university—both on and off campus.With firm faith in the saying of Martin Luther King Jr., ” Intelligence pllus character –that is the goal of education”. I strongly believe that our campus is marching towards quality education for upcoming generation.