International Women’s Day

A grand celebration was organized to mark the International Women’s Day on 08th March 2022 at Karakoram International University Ghizer Campus to recognize women’s roles and their achievements. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day was #BreakTheBiase, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. 

KIU Ghizer Campus celebrated this day to acknowledge social, political, economic and cultural achievements of women and seeking gender equality. Prior to the session, there was an awareness walk, Director Campus Dr. Memoona Nilofer, honorable guests, faculty and students from different colleges came together for equal treatment and representation for women.

The conference hall was decorated with posters, flowers and portraits of successful distinguished women from the history and current of Pakistan. Speeches were addressed by the students, guests and faculty to inspire and encourage all the women to keep excelling. Students addressed speeches, dedicated poems to the women, displayed banners to appreciate women’s achievements and strengthen women’s efforts.

The whole event was conducted under the committee; Dr. Mumtaz Gul, Dr. Nighat Gul, Mrs. Syeda Qudsia Bano and Ms. Sharista from KIU Ghizer Campus. 

The program was brought to a conclusion that the true purpose of celebrating Women International day prevailed and promoted gender equality.