Breast Cancer Awareness Session

A Breast Cancer Awareness Session was held on October 17, 2022 in collaboration with GINOR at KIU,GC. The session aimed to educate female students about the early detection of breast cancer in females and its possible treatments.

Dr. Asif Jailani, Director, GINOR gave a brief presentation on diagnosis, treatments and screening methods of breast cancer. The Session was attended by all the faculty, staff and students of KIU,GC, who greatly benefited from the session. A question answer session was held at the end of presentation.

Director KIU,GC appreciated the efforts ok GINOR team and thanked Dr.Asif Jailani, Director GINOR for creating awareness among the young women through his organizationShe emphasized on the importance of health and personal attention on the maintenance of health through personalized health, healthy life style plans, physical activities and nutrition to maintain a healthy quality of life. The session was concluded with a group photo.