Business Ideas and Market Research

It was such a tremendous moment to see the students of BBA-III and BBA-V conducted a wonderful Business Gala at KIU Ghizer Campus. Almost 35 students participated in the Business gala arranged on Tuesday Dated: 15th March 2022. They did not want to earn any money by participating in the Business Gala. It was part of their studies to get a professional experience and approach to their future.Such events motivate students to enhance market research skills, customer handling, face to face dealing, communication skills and customer service etc.

One of the major features of the gala was the “Idea Marketing Competition” in which students of BBA-III and BBA-V were tasked to come up with creative ideas to promote and highlight local products and services for business development.

The Director for KIU Ghizer Campus, Dr. Mamoon Nilofar, while speaking to the students on the occasion, said: “She appreciated the students and teachers for conducting such a wonderful event and also advised the student “Don’t keep your wealth, knowledge and skills to yourself. The best marketing tip is to share them with others and God will help you multiply the wealth and knowledge.”

The Head of Business Management Department for KIU Ghizer Campus, Dr. Shahab Uddin, while speaking on the occasion, said the initiative of “Idea for Business Gala” was impressive and worth appreciating. However, he said such ideas were of no use, unless they were followed in practically. He said when one good idea was implemented and followed, others rushed to follow suit and adopt it.

Similarly, many other faculties had appreciated this event and advised to conduct  such events in the future. Lecturer Shahzadi, paid special thanks and gratitude to all senior management and faculties for encouraging her students and, said the event was a blend of theoretical learning and practical experience of business, management, marketing and entrepreneurial skills. It prepares and leads students towards a professional life that involves entrepreneurial challenges