Reopening of KIU Ghizer Campus for Students

1. In line decision of Federal Government and HEC, KIU Ghizer campus shall open phase-wise from 12 Sep, 2020.

2. Students and staff at campus shall strictly follow the KIU Safety SoPs of using mask and ensuring physical distancing. Further details on KIU Safety Protocols are given at link. In case of violation, strict disciplinary action shall be taken. 

3. Students arriving at University and hostels shall provide an undertaking before or at time of arrival as per approved template. Template is available at “Student Return Package” for access and print. 

4. All students shall resume exam preps and take final term exams in two (2) Cohorts. Each Cohort has divided into faculty wise groups. Only students of prescribed faculties and departments shall be allowed during a particular timeslot.

Time Period: 12 September – 17September 2020
Department of Biological Sciences
Time Period: 19 September – 24 September 2020
Department of Business Management and Department of Educational Development

We expect due support from students, their parents, staff and everyone at the campus for assisting us.   

5. Students and staff shall use specified gates for entry and exits. They will be checked for temperature and symptoms of COVID-19. In case of any fever or symptoms, the concerned shall not be allowed at campus and shall be advised for quarantine at home.

6. The arrival and stay of students at hostel shall be in line with Cohort-1 and cohort-2 and compliance of additional instructions for them during their stay at hostel, entry/exit shall be provided during hostel orientation.

7. All these precautionary measures are being taken to make sure that together we can avoid any risk of COVID-19 infection, through better planning, implementation and cooperation. We need support from all to make KIU a safe place to study, work and live.